Southeast Europe Regional Community Network Meeting - Full Report




The three organizers are ready to collaborate with the countries and support them under the Regional #SoS Project, seeing this as the first meeting for generating and inspiring ideas. Their commitment is to the five countries of the Project – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia, and potential regional activities. As a follow-up, the organizers will hold the second meeting to continue the discussion in February 2021. The SEE Regional Community Network will provide a platform to exchange information about availability, pricing and other information about HIV treatments in a private and confidential way. The 100% Life is ready to support the shaping of the ideas with their expertise as needed. The Alliance for Public Health, the manager of the SoS Project, plans to seek for the continued support for the Global Fund beyond 2021 and would be open for collaboration with the countries on these issues beyond 2021.


The participants from the following countries confirmed their readiness to engage in the next steps with national planning and advocacy and their interest in the next meeting: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. Romanian participants would come back, after consulting with the national partner of the SoS Project in the country by 25 December. The countries interested in the collaboration will submit one-page document by January 10 with preliminary ideas for the context, the focus of potential work and technical assistance needs for 2021. This could be also used for planning regional-level activities, defining technical assistance needs, as well as discussing potential collaboration with such partners as WHO/Europe.

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