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The Regional TB and HIV Community Network has been established in response to challenge of limited inclusion of people living with TB and HIV in decision-making processes related to the provision and particularly sustainability of services for the people living with the TB and HIV, in majority of countries within the South-Eastern Europe region.

As our region is facing major challenges with the sustainability of services that were funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in previous years, we are becoming increasingly aware of missing voice of the affected populations. Furthermore, we strongly believe that the involvement and inclusion of the people with TB and HIV in decision making, when decisions directly affecting their lives is not a privilege, but the right


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Steering Committe
The steering committee is engaged to help provide strategic direction in organizations activities, planning and implementation.
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Member Organizations
The number of members has grown from 6 to 27 and they represent more than 160 national organisations, associations and groups.
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South Eastern Europe Regional Tuberculosis and HIV Community Network contact information.
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ObiljeĹžavanje Svjetskog dana borbe protiv hepatitisa
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